Complexity Untangled

Business Process Automation & Workflow systems streamline operations, reduce the workload and errors, and increase efficiency of the employees. These systems enable immediate access to all data and business functions in the enterprise, irrespective of the location and type of data source.

With years of experience acquired through collaborative engagement with enterprise customers and a strong process and project management Pamet is able to deliver applications tailored to the specific business needs and technologies used by our client.

Client Challenges

Cost containment, one of the key challenges our customers face, can be identified in a number of areas:

  • Automate the operations to reduce the manual workload.
  • Connect disparate applications into a larger, integrated solution.
  • Manage sales process and contracts.
  • Manage people, customers and resources across all levels of the organization.
  • Measure overall efficiencies of the business all the way down to the individual team member.
  • Maximize the productivity.

Our Solutions

Our BPA solutions provide a broad set of effective responses to all of those challenges:

  • Applications' architecture tailored to specific business requirements and technologies used by the client.
  • Integration of the applications using various middleware technologies such as message-oriented middleware implementing Java Message Services standard (e.g. IBM WebSphere MQ) or web services.
  • XML used as a data representation technology for information exchange.
  • Service-oriented architectures for the solutions that provide standard interfaces, exposing functionalities through the Web services, thus enabling automation between disparate systems.

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