Complexity Untangled

Broad use of mobile communication devices is becoming a reality with the emerging adoption of smartphones and tablets in all industries. Engagement in mobile technology since 2002 and earliest days of PDA's and smart phones puts Pamet in a position to deliver unique value to its clients.

Client Challenges

Some of the challenges our customers aim to resolve include:

  • Reduce customer service costs by deflecting support and inquiry calls to alternative channels available on mobile devices.
  • Improve retention and loyalty for all members by providing relevant functionality on their mobile devices.
  • Create a new set of services and products that are not feasible with traditional web 2.0 applications, such as location-aware services.
  • Increase prospect conversion rate by actively engaging users on their mobile devices.
  • Enhance the brand perception by utilizing cutting-edge technologies and engaging demographics that are out of the reach of traditional prospect acquisition channels.

Our Solutions

With our deep and broad experience in mobile space we are able to provide:

  • Solutions spanning a wide range of mobile devices and technologies.
  • Implementation of native mobile applications for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and other smart phone platforms.
  • Development of web-based applications tailored to various mobile devices.
  • Implementation of device-agnostic services that are consumed on the road - SMS, push notifications, voice-enabled services, geo-location, e-mail, VoIP and traditional telephony, among others.
  • Design and implementation of user experience optimized for mobile devices.

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