Complexity Untangled

Pamet creates Web Solutions as secure web-based application environments that aggregate information and capabilities from a number of underlying systems and make those accessible to the various end users.

Pamet's solutions offer secure transactions and paperless data exchange significantly improving information sharing between companies and their constituencies. In addition, the call-volumes are reduced by providing efficient user self-service trough the web or mobile portals and by driving adoption of web and mobile use in a secure environment.

Client Challenges

Some of the challenges that our clients face in an effort to reduce costs, come to parity and move beyond their competitors include:

  • Provide sufficient details through self-service to resolve at least 90% of questions user may have, prior to calling customer service.
  • Enable easy access to the content and data repositories of interest for a user.
  • Facilitate the paperless exchange of information.
  • Comply with regulations designed to protect the security and privacy of user records.
  • Provide adequate reporting to audit transactions and monitor usage.

Our Solutions

Responding to these challenges, Pamet designs and implements solutions tailored to specific business requirements and technologies used by our clients.

  • Enterprise portal architecture, implementation, integration and customization.
  • Solution available for inquiries 24x7, 365 days a year.
  • Single access point to the information aggregated from multiple data sources.
  • Easy-to-use user interface built through the implementation, customization and integration of third party solutions.
  • Personalization tools to profile, segment and data-manage users.
  • Flexibility and scalability ensured by the development of reusable APIs exposing their functionalities via web services.

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